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USTA/Midwest Section Awards

The USTA/Midwest Section proudly presents 13 awards each year to extraordinary individuals and organizations.  As always, the winners headline an elite group of dedicated volunteers and individuals throughout the section.  Following is a list of the awards presented during the USTA/Midwest Section Annual Meeting or another appropriate location/time:


USTA/Midwest Section Spring Awards (Presented at Designated Location/Time)
Fred Burns Award
Frank Dowling Award
Wallace R. Holzman, Sr. Award
Cap Leighton Award
Outstanding Performance Award
Helen Shockley Award
Organization of the Year Award
Community Tennis Association of the Year Award
Wheelchair Performance Award
NJTL Chapter of the Year Award
USTA League Volunteer Award


USTA/Midwest Section Fall Awards (Presented at Annual Meeting)
Mel Bergman Award
Family of the Year Award
Stanley Malless Award


Click here to access the list of Midwest nomination forms. 








that USTA League tennis provides!

If you haven’t played in a league since 2011 you have the

opportunity to self-rate!

If you are 60+ and you haven’t played in a league since 2012 you

have the opportunity to self-rate!


Getting Started

Complete these steps and USTA Central Indiana will mail a $10.00 rebate to you as a way

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Renew your USTA Membership 

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Only applies to Central Indiana Leagues

CITA would like to reward our loyal USTA Adult League players

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Adult Leagues! 

Recruit 3 self rated players to USTA Leagues and earn $25.00!

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Recruit 3 self rated players to play USTA Adult Summer League

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Referred players may only be claimed by one current player.


* New is defined as the summer season being the self-rated player's first USTA league since beginning or returning to play.

Cannot be used in conjunction with any other CITA Promotion. Checks will be mailed in September.

Only applies to Central Indiana Leagues